NFT Loot Boxes on Solana – Win Bluechip NFTs

What is a Loot Box?

In computer games, a Loot Box is a consumable item that can be opened to receive loot – a random item usually relating to the game.

An NFT Loot Box is similar. It can be consumed, or opened, to reveal a random prize. This can cryptocurrency such as $SOL or in some games a random NFT. The NFTs are usually popular to entice the user into playing a game.

On Solana, players have been able to win Solana bluechip NFTs such as Degen Apes, DeGods or Senzokus.

These NFTs are worth thousands of dollars and the odds of winning is usually around 0.1%.

While the odds of winning a bluechip NFT are low, with most games the player will always win something. The odds of winning some of your money back are pretty high.

One place to play NFT Loot Boxes is Moon Roll. I’ve previously covered the gaming platform and their roulette game. Just like with their first game, I think they have put a really fresh spin on NFT Loot Boxes.

How to open Loot Boxes on Moonroll

First head on over to their website.

  1. Sign in with your wallet (no registration required)
  2. Deposit $SOL to receive gems
  3. Navigate to Lootboxes game
  4. Choose from a variety of loot boxes
  5. Open the loot box
  6. Watch the wheel turn and land on your prize
  7. Claim the prize, either gems or an NFT

What’s in the Loot Boxes?

The prizes change, as new collections are released and the team changes the composition of the various boxes on offer.

$1 = 100 Gems

At the time of writing there are 13 loot boxes. Here are examples of an entry level, mid level and expensive loot box:

Lava Box – 250 Gems (USD $2.50)

The Lava Box is the cheapest box. As you can see below most of the prizes are less than a couple dollars, but there is a chance to win NFTs ranging from $100 USD to almost $1k USD.

  • ABC (odds: 0.03%, floor price around 30 $SOL)
  • Acid Monkey (odds: 0.11%, floor price around 3.2 $SOL)
  • Mutant Miner (odds: 0.25%)
  • Anubis Punt (odds: 0.26%)
  • Yeah Tigers (odds: 0.32%)
  • Mutant Miner Rats (odds: 0.25%)
  • Miners of Mars (odds: 0.40%)
  • 2000 Gems (odds: 0.22%)
  • Just Worms (odds: 0.68%)
  • Carton Kids (odds: 0.60%)
  • Zoonies (odds: 0.60%)
  • 1000 Gems (odds: 2.68%)
  • 500 Gems (odds: 7.48%)
  • 300 Gems (odds: 10.69%)
  • 150 Gems (odds: 21.37%)
  • 50 Gems (odds: 25.56%)
  • 30 Gems (odds: 17.81%)
  • 10 Gems (odds: 10.69%)

Diamon Box – 20,000 Gems (USD $200)

As the name suggests, the Diamon Box is the most expensive box. With higher risk you enjoy higher rewards: better NFTs and better odds of winning.

  • Degods (odds: 0.10%)
  • SMB (odds: 0.20%)
  • Taiyo Robotics (odds: 0.20%)
  • t00bs (odds: 0.19%)
  • Blocksmith (odds: 0.23%)
  • Okay Bears (odds: 0.30%)
  • Degen Ape (odds: 0.27%)
  • 150000 Gems (odds: 0.70%)
  • 100000 Gems (odds: 1.00%)
  • ABC (odds: 0.55%)
  • 50000 Gems (odds: 2.99%)
  • Senzoku (odds: 2.04%)
  • 22000 Gems (odds: 19.81%)
  • 15000 Gems (odds: 19.62%)
  • 10000 Gems (odds: 12.95%)
  • 5000 Gems (odds: 12.95%)
  • 2000 Gems (odds: 12.95%)
  • 1000 Gems (odds: 12.95%)

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