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Moon Roll: 14x your Solana playing Roulette

Feeling lucky? 14x your SOL playing Roulette

Moon Roll Review


Deposits/NFT integration


At Moon Roll you can x2 or even x14 your SOL with Roulette. Their innovative platform accepts Solana and NFTs as deposit. More games coming soon!


To accelerate the ecosystem providing liquidity to NFTs by implementing them in our casino.

from their website
Deposit Solana or NFTs (only certain collections are accepted

Apart from depositing SOL, users are able to deposit certain NFTs in return for Gems, the casino currency. The casino has only one game for now, which is a version of Roulette.

The Moon Roll Roulette interface

After making their deposits to acquire Gems users can place bets on blue, purple or gold. Whilst blue and purple give a 2x reward on your bet, gold pays a 14x reward.

Many believe that apart from DegenCoinFlip, the casino meta on Solana is dead. Projects have launched and tried but always struggled to maintain a user base. But perhaps Moon Roll can innovate and attract a bigger crowd with their integration with Solana NFTs?

Not all collections are supported, but the goal is to add many more

Apart from being able to deposit NFTs, players can also choose to cash out in NFTs instead of Solana. What’s more there are plans to add a Lootbox feature where players could potentially win “any NFT listed on any marketplace”.

The bullish case for Moon Roll

  1. Web3 casino experience without the need to KYC
  2. Deposit and Withdraw NFTs
  3. More games coming, best UX in the game so far
  4. Future integration with Metamask to allow ETH deposits
  5. But there’s more: Senzoku

The team has just launched an NFT collection called Senzoku. It’s a collection of 888 NFTs which will provide holders with profits of the casino. This enables both players and investors to become part owners of the casino.

A Senzoku NFT with a mystery card – soon to be revealed

I can imagine that this could help drive traffic and organic marketing, as holders have a vested interest in the success of the casino.

With the amount of rugs and brand projects in the sphere at the moment, Senzoku is a breath of fresh air. The team built in silence for six months before asking investors to buy an NFT. As an investor I am always interested in projects with an existing revenue stream, especially when they have proven their capability to build.

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