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How to get Elrond’s MEX airdrop

Here’s how to get the most MEX (Maiar Exchange) tokens.

Update: Read how to see how much MEX you can expect to receive.

Elrond is preparing to launch their decentralised exchange (DEX) called the Maiar Exchange. Check out the full press release here.

This is similar to Uniswap, Sushiswap or Cakeswap. And is pretty exciting. The Elrond network is fast and cheap, so a DEFI exchange could work really well!

To celebrate the launch of the exchange and its token, the team has decided to distribute this token to existing and loyal users. They are in the process of taking snapshots of users wallets to distribute.

When is the snapshot happening?

The snapshot is taking place between 19 – 25 April, on a daily basis to get an average.

This means you will get MEX tokens based on how much EGLD you hold in either the Elrond web wallet, or the Maiar app.

There are also multipliers you can achieve by having your EGLD staked.

Example bonus calculation

For a full list of bonus criteria, refer to the post linked above.

Address 1 is in a web wallet (not on Maiar)

  • 100 EGLD staked
  • 20 EGLD free balance

MEX bonus: 100 * 1.5x + 20 * 1x = 170 MEX

How to participate

  1. Follow this link to create your Maiar wallet
  2. Buy EGLD and receive some free when using my link
  3. Stake as much as you can to maximise your bonus

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