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How to check your MEX airdrop balance

UPDATE: The Maiar Exchange Launch – How to claim MEX

The Maiar Exchange snapshots are underway and Elrond have built a tool for you to check how much MEX you can expect.

The figure is updated as each snapshot week completes. Also bear in mind the first week came at a 5x multiplier, week 2 with 4x, and so forth.

To check yours, follow these simple steps.

  1. Get the address where your EGLD is being held. As far as I know only Maiar and Elrond web wallet addresses are being considered.
  2. Head on over to the Maiar Exchange.
  3. Drop your address in the field “Check your eligible EGLD balance” and hit enter.
  4. See the snapshot amounts and how much MEX you will be able to claim.

I believe we will be able to claim MEX soon. Planned was first half of May.

Get $10 free EGLD when signing up with this link and making a deposit.

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