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What is Crash Gambling?

Crash Gambling is a fairly new game, consisting of a line that goes up, that multiplies your money – until it crashes. Players have the ability to cash out and take their multiplied winnings manually or automatically, while the line goes up. If it crashes, the player loses the ability to cash out and their entire wagered bet.

Crash is a niche game and exists mainly in cryptocurrency casinos. The game itself plays homage to crypto markets where players can win big or lose it all in a crash.

Watch a streamer get a 20x with 1 SOL bet.

How do you play Crash Gambling?

Players have said that Crash is a game easy to learn, but difficult to master.

After players have placed their bet and the countdown reaches 0, a new round starts with a multiplier at 1x ticking higher and faster as it goes up. Eventually, without fail the multiplier will crash and those players that hit cash-out before this happens will win a multiplier of their bet. Players that didn’t lose their entire bet.

For example, a player makes a bet of 0.1 SOL and hits cash out at 5x – s(he) will walk away with a 0.5 SOL prize. Whilst the player in the example did well with a 5x, patient players have been able to walk away with a multiple in the 100x’s

The interface is straight forward and easy to learn.

Crash can be played in manual or automatic mode. In manual mode all you need to do is specify an amount to bet before the game begins.

A button will allow you to cash out at any time during the game. You’re unlikely to cash out manually when it crashes at 1.0x multiplier as the game will end before you can even start pushing the button.

Seasoned players will play only automatic. Implementing their strategy manually every round is time consuming (and prone to error) so they can setup auto mode:

  • Amount to bet (e.g. 0.1 SOL)
  • Auto cash-out multiplier (e.g. 2x)
  • Change to bet amount after win
  • Change to bet amount after loss (e.g. + 0.1 SOL)

What are the odds in Crash?

There is a 1% chance the multiplier crashes at 1%, making every player lose their bet. Apart from this instance, the player is able to win every other hand if cash-out before crashing.

Popular Crash strategies

There are various strategies players can choose to employ, mostly based on how to react to a loss or a win. Some strategies suggest to increase, or even double the bet amount after a loss and cash out at 2x – and do so until you win.

Other suggest to increase bet amount when you are on a winning streak to make hay while the sun shines.

I don’t really have a preference, but I always use risk management similar to how I trade. I will try to never go bust and adjust my bet amount based on my available capital. I will keep this bet at around 2% so if I win, this will increase every round whilst if I lose it will decrease.

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