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How to pay for flights and hotels with crypto

See the world with your crypto gains without converting back to fiat

Recently I took some profits on my $STEP position to book a trip to Victoria falls using Travala, the world’s leading blockchain-based travel booking platform.

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My partner found some time off from her busy job and we decided to use the time to go on our first international trip since covid began. We decided on Victoria Falls, as it was accessible from South Africa with our passports.

I started browsing Google Flights to find decent flights and headed over to Travala for some hotel inspiration. I wasn’t necessarily keen on spending crypto thinking that I will overpay, but the offers were much better than expected.

I found a perfect flights and the hotel The Royal Livingston caught my eye as it seemed close to the falls and there were animals roaming freely on the property.

While Travala supports payments using a wide range of cryptos they are not supporting Solana (yet). But given the amount of new currencies they are adding I imagine this will be soon, right?

No biggie though, I used Phantom to swap my $STEP for $USDC and then to $BTC. I then used my Sollet wallet’s BTC bridge to make payment for both flights and hotels.

Example checkout modal

NOTE: Using a bridge will almost certainly incur higher transactions fees. I ended up having to make a second payment as my first one was short. Customer service was quick to send me a new payment link and ensure that everything was booked.

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