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Your guide to the COPE swap

COPE has been re-minted to include 6 decimals and you will have to swap your old (now xCOPE) to receive it. In this post I will show you why and how.


This morning I signed into my STEP account and noticed that my portfolio was missing my COPE yield farming tokens. It turns out these are now legacy and no longer generating yield. To get back to farming, the new token was required.

There’s a new COPE in town with 6 decimals. Ever noticed how y0u can’t buy a fraction of a COPE? The original COPE was minted with 0 decimals, and while this was quite unique it is causing needless challenges. Read more about this here in the FAQ.

To alleviate these challenges going forward, the creator has decided to go forward with the remint. While I’m sure everyone is in favour of this decision, it will have some consequences for you.


If you are holding xCOPE in your wallet.

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Enter the amount you want to swap and click swap.

If you are receiving an error “No COPE account – Please create an associated token account” – here’s how to fix this in less than 5 mins for less than a Dollar.

  1. Create a new wallet (go incognito to quickly create a new Sollet wallet).
  2. Send some SOL to this wallet (you will need 0.02 or so) for the transactions ahead.
  3. Add xCOPE token to your wallet.
  4. Send your xCOPE from your main wallet to the newly created one.
  5. Swap your COPE (no need to create this token in your wallet).
  6. Send the new COPE and left over SOL back to your original wallet.


If you are farming, you will have to remove legacy xCOPE-USDC liquidity and migrate to the new COPE-USDC pool.

First step is unstaking your legacy LP tokens

Once your LP tokens are unstaked you have to split them to xCOPE and USDC. You can now proceed with swapping your xCOPE following the instructions above.

Once you have your new COPE tokens you are able to create new LP tokens and stake those.

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