You can now buy bitcoin on Maiar

Maiar has added native bitcoin support. Update the app to use bitcoin in Maiar.

In addition to being able to buy ETH, BNB and EGLD, users can now buy and store BTC via Moonpay (3.35% fee) or Ramp (3.4% fee) in the Maiar wallet.

The most user-friendly wallet on earth now allows users to send, deposit and buy bitcoin within the app.

This update grants Maiar users the ability to deposit funds to the wallet, using the biggest blockchain by market cap. In total, the app now supports eGold, Binance Coin, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

There is no need for complicated crypto address, when you can send and receive coins conveniently to other Maiar users using hero tags.

This update of course will prove to be crucial for the up and coming launch of the Maiar Exchange. The launch of the AMM will allow wallet users to create an account easily and perform trades.

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